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People who face their life with a confident purpose are

people who know their core values.


But what are core values exactly?

In high school, one of my closest friends Tay tried to find just one word to describe me and my behavior — she chose the word “intense.” Throughout college I was described as someone who gave 110% to everything I chose to be a part of. If my husband was asked, “What drew you to Christie?” One of his first responses would be “her passion.” She is passionate about everything she does and every person she she loves.

If you guessed that one of my core values is Passion, then the bell would start dinging because you are exactly right. Passion drives me.

I am aslo driven by Truth — another one of my core values. This can be seen in every arena of my life. If I am listening to a story that has incorrect details, I feel an overwhelming need to correct. If anything causes question or decision-making, than I go straight to the Word of God. His truth has full authority in my life. Declaring truth is my favorite source of serving joy. I believe freedom can only come as a result of truth being embraced.

Core values are your own personal philosophy or code to live by. They clarify your understanding of who you are, guide you in making decisions or choices, and direct all your relationships.

People don’t wear them like the latest fashion or post them in their Facebook status. Your core values aren’t displayed, but instead determined deep within you. Like a rudder on a giant ocean vessel, although usually unseen, core values completely navigate your life.

People who understand the true meaning of success have analyzed their personal core values, are able to articulate them, and are living their lives according to what they believe.

Would you like an exercise that would help you discover your core truths? I offer it for free on my website 

Ladder Quote

Make sure your ladder is against the right wall —

the wall of your core values.

An interesting side note is that many times when you find yourself sick to your stomach, at a place of unrest within your soul, or attempting to justify your choices, you have just sold out your core values! That’s why it cuts so deeply and won’t settle within you.

Integrity is consistently staying true to your core values.

My top six core values are:

Overcoming faith     Truth     Passion     Personal growth    Creativity     Encouraging love

So, did you do the exercise? What are two of your core values?