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Christie’s Most Popular Topics

I AM WOMAN: Naturally, I Have An Identity Crisis

Christie Rayburn knows firsthand what it is like to allow life to determine your identity. She lived a third of her life enveloped in insecurity, striving to be the “good girl”, and desperately needing to win other’s approval. Is it possible to be given a new identity, grasp it for yourself, and live it out boldly? Not only is it possible, it’s God’s will for each of His women.

Christie will help you see His truth and:

  • Know that your identity determines your life and all of its choices.
  • Find out how to live comparison-free.
  • Discover how to be set free from self-condemnation.
  • Learn how life-giving it is to no longer perform for others or God
3 messages as a conference or each one on its own

Are you tired of the weight that accompanies worry? Are you sick of making decisions out of fear? How long have you been in bondage to your particular stronghold? This is not the way you are meant to live. Christ died to set you free and your freedom is worth fighting for?

            WOMEN WORRY: LIVING IN THE LAND OF ANXIETY9781462736195_COVER.indd

This message will help you learn from Paul how to:lifeway_button

  • Rejoice instead of worry
  • Relax because you are confident in Gods whereabouts
  • Rest in the power of prayeramazon-buy-button_2
  • Remember what truths need to be dwelt upon

                 The message will help you:

  • Recognize the outcomes of fear in your life
  • Discover which knowledge banishes fear
  • Find His presence in the midst of being afraid
  • Cling to the impact His goodness makes on your fear
  • Invite His love into the equation and see what happens

                    This message will help you:

  • Look back at your history in order to understand its spiritual impact on your life
  • Look within yourself in order to come completely clean with sin
  • Look up to God with a willingness to surrender
  • Replace the lies with the truth inside of your mind
  • Choose accountability to protect your freedoms

The truth is every woman is a woman of influence, whether she influences for good or whether she influences for the bad. The real question to look in the mirror and ask yourself is, “What kind of influence do I want to be? What kind of mark do I want to leave on this world?” May it be His mark!

Christie will help you see His truth and:

  • Believe that what you do flows out of who you are.
  • Remove what is corrupting your character.
  • Commit to integrity and guarding it.
  • Know what you were created for.
  • Discover your unique dream.

You don’t have to live very long to experience being knocked down/storms in your life. Christie and her husband experienced what they endearingly call their “6 Months From Hell.”

Pain is part of life, but it doesn’t have to prevent us from growing, and we aren’t supposed to merely endure it. We have countless opportunities to grow deeper in our faith and become stronger women if we can just learn some critical lessons from Paul in 2 Timothy.

This message will help you see His truth and:

  • Discover that pain is inevitable but growth is a choice.
  • Identify whats distracting you and learn how to listen to God
  • Embrace the reality that there are no shortcuts
  • Take responsibility for yourself
  • Trust Him with the future harvest

Christie wants to live her life differently, and she believes that God calls us to do just that. Even though we are to strangers to this world and should living as if we’re just passing through, it’s so easy to get caught up in the here and now. Our daily life drowns out the faint future sound of a trumpet calling us home.

Christie will help you see His truth and:

  • Be prepared for the return of your Bridegroom
  • Refocus on living in light of eternity
  • Evaluate whether you have been living culturally or Biblically
  • Anticipate going home

Christie asked herself the question Christians aren’t allowed to ask…”Is this all there is God? Why do I still feel like I might be missing something?” So many women are going through the motions, while others believe that there must be something wrong with their efforts. And, the worst case scenario is happening more and more…women walking away from Jesus disillusioned. Deep soul satisfaction can not only be found, but experienced as well!

This message will help you see His truth and:

  • Realize that intimacy with God cannot be instantaneous.
  • Replace distance with firsthand knowledge.
  • Embrace the question God is asking at the heart of every situation.
  • Discover where an empty heart leads.
  • Allow Him into every part of your soul.

You need to know the truth that God likes to push the “Pause” button in life. It seems so cruel, but He uses it often. And we resist it. We don’t like it and we are not comfortable with it. Christie struggled with waiting for a pregnancy, waiting for a depressed spouse to heal, and waiting for family members to find God. We want answers and we want them now. So, how can we possibly learn how to wait on God?

This message will help you see His truth and:

  • Understand why God likes the Pausebutton
  • Replace complaining with hope
  • Stop manipulating and choose trust
  • Choose to anticipate your Masters voice

Real faith intersects life and we are never the same. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if that could be said of our own lives? How do we get so side-tracked? Why does our life look just like it did 5 years ago? Christie believes that when Christ said, “Follow Me,” He was inviting us to the greatest adventure of all.

This message will help you see His truth and:

  • Realize that you cant live life the same way and claim to have faith
  • Apply the secrets of your heroes of faith to your own life
  • Live out your faith daily with confidence
  • Leave behind a legacy of faith

Christie believes that it’s time to look in His mirror and ask a really tough question, “What kind of heart do I have right now? A religious heart? The heart of an adulteress? Or a heart that is following Jesus?” Buckle up, be brave and join her.

Christie will help you see His truth and:

  • Examine whether youve become judgmental and critical
  • Consider if you enjoy flirting with sin
  • Determine whether you are ready to truly surrender

Whether we are little girls or grown women, we are drawn to fairy tales, romance novels, royal weddings, and chick flicks! There is something within each of us females that resonates with a prince, a princess, and a wish for the “happily ever after.” Men aren’t drawn to those things. Why is that? What is the mysterious connection? Could it be because it reveals our very soul’s hunger for the same things?

Christie believes it does and will help you:

  • Discern whether you live like a princess or a pauper
  • Revel in the unconditional love of your Prince more than your man
  • Crave your eternal castle over the castles that this world offers

It is pretty easy to place our trust in God when our life is going easy. During these times, God feels like a safe place to be. But when life gets hard or unpredictable or overwhelming, then it feels like God has disappeared. Christie had her life turned upside down the day before her son was leaving for college. She had to learn to trust her Heavenly Father even when she couldn’t feel His presence? Even when her prayers seemed to go unanswered? Even when she had nothing left inside of her?

Christie shares her experience and helps you:

  • Hear the question Jesus asks you in every circumstance of your life
  • Determine what you believe about Gods character and understand why it creates trust or doubt
  • Believe the truth that God is with you changes everything
  • Walk through your own personal history and write a new psalm that strengthens your future faith
  • Stop fighting the process the builds trust one step at a time

We are warned that as time goes on, people are going to move farther and farther away from the Truth. They will only want to hear stories that make them feel better about themselves, that justify their choices, and that point towards happiness being the chief goal in life. This is a very sober warning for God’s people and it isn’t being taken seriously in the Church.

This message leads you through 2 Timothy 3 and helps you:

  • Clearly see and appreciate the roles truth is meant to play in our lives
  • Make truth a practical priority in your life in order to reap the riches it offers
  • Answer Gods call to be a truth-giver
WIFE: The Hardest Role Ever – It reveals Im selfish.

Christie thought she was a giving person until she got married. She transparently reveals all that she has had to learn about God, about men (especially her husband), and about herself in order to still be married 28 years later. She confesses that she isn’t the wife she expected to be, but God has brought her and her marriage to a place that she wouldn’t trade for anything!

Christie will share truth and help wives:

  • Trade your Holy Spirit costume for a human one
  • Determine whether marriage is more about you & your husband or you & God
  • Assess whether your husband gets your best or your leftovers
  • Dig into the male mind and appreciate its differences
  • Take responsibility for yourself and learn how to stand up for your heart
  • Open your eyes to how critical your support is and ask yourself how you are handling that power 
MOM: The Most Humbling Role Ever – It reveals Im needy.

Christie longed to be a mother for as long as she can remember, but not even her deep desire prepared her for the reality that this role entails. She has never felt so out of control, out of her mind, or outside of her capabilities. Most women want to be the best mothers in the world but, silently, feel like they constantly fall short.

Christie encourages mothers to:

  • Trade their feelings of failure or myths of being the superhero for Gods moment-by-moment grace and wisdom
  • Grasp the volume of their own life speaking far louder than their words and lectures
  • Study and learn each childs uniqueness in order to shepherd them effectively
  • Appreciate the freedom that comes from boundaries
  • Laugh far more than they already do with their children
Attention Speaking Coordinator:

Christie’s heart when it comes to speaking topics:
“I am passionate about God’s truth; I love declaring any of it and all of it. Therefore I am more than willing to pray about and work with any theme or passage of Scripture that you desire for your event.”  

Those Who Have Heard Christie Speak Say…

Christie has a huge passion for woman ministries!  She has a “down home feel” when she speaks that makes everyone in the room feel comfortable and immediately draws you in; it feels as though you are spending time with a close friend.  Christie is so easy to connect with and has this amazing ability of meeting woman where they are at.  Combined with her professionalism, knowledge and wisdom Christie has been given an amazing gift of speaking God’s truth in a way that anyone can connect with and understand.  Christie is a breath of fresh air and it is so inspiring to hear a speaker bring everything back to the bible.  Christie’s teaching is filled with many real life examples and personal stories.  We have hosted Christie for our woman’s retreat three times and would love to have her again in the future.

Conference Coordinator

Christie is a woman of God who prayerfully considers where God’s leading is and faithfully obeys that.  She is a humble speaker and desires to glorify God through her ministry.  She sincerely loves the people she ministers to and commits them to prayer.  I value the way she bases her sessions on the Bible and always uses Scripture in her teaching.  Christie is an energetic and passionate speaker who keeps my attention and is a vessel that leads me to dig deeper in my walk with God.

Conference Attender

Christie is an explosion of character, a fountain of exuberance and a river of passion overflowing from a huge heart for her Savior.  Her authentic but challenging style, anchored by her deep love and respect for God’s Word, make her a dynamic and engaging communicator that just keep on blessing people.  She is the real deal and every time I hear her speak, I come away moved to reengage my faith even deeper into God’s love and transforming grace.

Conference Attender