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Building A Mother/Daughter Relationship You Want To be Part Of

Many have commented (with a hint of envy) to both Christie and Taylor about how close they have become as a mother and a daughter. Others have asked how they did it or what makes their relationship so different than most? Both mother and daughter will tell you that it didn’t just happen naturally—this relationship was built with purpose and prayer.

Christie and Taylor love to share their story and help you:

  • Enter your daughters world in practical ways without losing yourself as a mother, but needing to lose your prejudices
  • Choose to let go of your possible assumptions and invite your daughter into your own world in new ways
  • Build a world of shared history between just the two of you


Same Hearts But Different Seasons

Why is the mother/daughter relationship so complex? Why can it turn into a competition filled with jealousy instead of a place of support? It could be because we share so many of the same struggles as women, young and old. However, the answer could be the same for both of us as well! And by finding that answer, mothers and daughters could become each other’s greatest encouragement.

Christie and Taylor love to share their story and help you:

  • Identify your own insecurities and appreciate your mothers/daughters as well
  • Embrace the way God longs to fill each void in your life
  • Explore the most effective ways to grow as sisters in Christ


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hose who have appreciated Christie and Taylor’s ministry say this:

“Christie and Taylor are absolutely captivating!  They have an amazing ability to connect with their audience and truly complement each other in sharing their mother-daughter experiences and stories.  Christie and Taylor’s relationship is an inspiring testimony of their love for God.  They are both constant encouragers for both mothers and daughters to make an effort and be intentional in building a strong foundation in their relationships.  We had the privilege of hosting Christie and Taylor for a mother-daughter weekend and on numerous occasions both mothers and daughters attending said how encouraged they were by their honesty.  Christie and Taylor’s openness with each other has influenced many mothers and daughters to take a deeper look at their relationship with one another and focus on what God’s desire would be for them.”

“Christie and Taylor make a great mother/daughter speaking team!  They are honest and vulnerable in the sharing of their relationship and the ways they have learned and grown together.  They are a good example of a healthy mom and daughter relationship and are approachable in the way they teach.  I learned a lot from them!  I appreciated their insight on how they based their relationship on God’s truths.  Both are sincere and loving, and enjoy connecting with their audience.”

“Christie and Taylor are a fantastic speaking team. I love the way they feed off of each other and the lighthearted way they interact together on stage. They do a wonderful job of pouring out scripture in everything they say. They aren’t afraid to show you the real side of their relationship and do a wonderful job relating to every age that is listening.”

“If you are looking for a mother/daughter speaking team that will inspire, teach, and challenge mothers and daughters in their relationship and their walk with God — Christie and Taylor Rayburn are that team!  They are a mother and daughter who have worked hard to have a healthy, beautiful, and vibrant relationship and desire to share God’s truths of how you too can make that a reality!”