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Mark & Christie

Mark & Christie spoke for years with the Family Life Weekend To Remember conferences all across Canada. Currently they speak at various churches in the US as well as for Doing Family Right’s one day marriage conferences, Fusion 2:1.

Couples get married longing for the “happily ever after,” but are deeply disappointed when life and pain replace the joy. Many of us turn into bickering roommates who just get on each other’s nerves. How do we find the love we always longed for when we exchanged our vows? Is this what God was intending when He created the marriage relationship? Where is practical and Biblical teaching that actually transforms our marriage relationships for the glory of God?

Mark and Christie use their marriage as a platform to learn from. They aren’t afraid of being real in order to bring real biblical hope.

Choose one or several of their favorite topics to build what will meet your needs.

Keeping Your Promise in a World That Doesnt Know How

Using traditional wedding vows to examine the commitment and love in your current relationship.

Communication: Life or Death

Words are extremely powerful and most are not skilled in how to use them. Looking at Gods primary requirements for our communication to be used to draw us closer to one another.

Differences Have The Power To Make or Break Us

How do find oneness or connection when you have one man & one woman, with two different backgrounds, and two different personalities?

Forgiveness: The Cure in Conflict

Exploring conflict, defense mechanisms, and the true meaning of forgiveness.

Incredible Sex For A Lifetime

How to stoke the fires of red hot monogamy by exposing the lies, finding new freedoms, and experiencing the moment.

Special Delivery – Just For You

Appreciating anew that your spouse is a gift from God – a gift with purpose.

Real Communication

Communication involves speaking clearly and listening carefully to convey and confirm understanding.

FUSION 2:1 (a Doing Family Right Conference)

The Physics of Marriage


The Laws of Attraction

If you stop having fun, commitment alone won’t keep your love alive.

The Gravity of Baggage

Resolving your hurt releases you to love freely. 

The Acceleration of Connection

Understanding your spouse at a deepening level helps them feel valued and loved.

The Drag of Friction

Responding to disagreements with respect brings you closer.

The Combustion of Passion

To love and be loved sexually creates a unique and powerful bond that joins you for life.


Steps for fusing 3 into 1: Braiding God into your marriage.

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Those Who Have Heard Mark & Christie Speak Say…

I have had the privilege of hearing Mark and Christie Rayburn speak on many occasions and every single time, I was moved to action in some big or small way.  Their ability to make me laugh, cry, learn, and be challenged in a 30 minute time span is impressive!  They are both highly gifted speakers with the perfect combination of humor, wisdom and real life application. I would highly recommend them for any speaking engagement wether it be 3 minutes or 3 days of speaking – you won’t be disappointed!
Conference Attendee

Mark and Christie mix their real life marriage experiences with biblical teachings to create thought provoking and life changing moments.
Conference Attendee

Mark and Christie Rayburn are an incredibly talented, dynamic team. You will be enlightened, inspired, challenged and are guaranteed a great laugh! Their engaging style meets people exactly where they are yet eloquently builds a bridge toward healthier relationships.
Melinda Reed, Spiritual Growth Director

As a teaching team, Mark and Christie provide the perfect one-two punch.  Christie is articulate and speaks with thoughtfulness and conviction that appeals to a woman’ heart.  Mark, a man’s man, speaks with candor and humor that challenges and inspires men.  Together they are the whole package!
Kevin Sullivan, Senior Pastor

This couple is in a league of their own as a team of communicators. I have heard them on scores of occasions and am enthralled how they keep captivating their listeners with such a fresh and relevant message. They are a crazy and endearing balance of humor and sincerity, precision and randomness, and challenge and playfulness. They share a powerful respect for God’s word and unashamedly call people to His plan for life and marriage. In their passionate and practical way, you’ll come away spiritually refreshed and relationally renewed.
Dr. Dave Currie, President of Doing Family Right

Mark and Christie Rayburn have a heart for marriages.  As excellent communicators, they share their knowledge and real life experiences to influence others to nurture their own marriages.    God uses them individually and as a couple to facilitate growth in relationships and encourage passion and love in marriages. They have a serious side and a fun loving side that keeps you engaged and feel a connection throughout the entire conference!
Conference Attendee