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Meet a lady whose passion is God and His Truth. Just get her talking. You’ll see. There is nothing she would rather do than dig into the bible, glean its wisdom, and share how it should be radically transforming our lives. Her authentic, uplifting spirit can’t help but take hold of you as she leads the way in sharing how God is at work in her own heart. She is an over-comer who lives what she believes. She refuses to sit on the sidelines but dives into life celebrating all of its moments. You will find her fresh enthusiasm for living and learning incredibly contagious and engaging.

So whether she is speaking around the world or chatting across a table, she loves to encourage women to:

Solidify their confidence in their Christ-given identity
Tenaciously fight for their spiritual & emotional freedom
Powerfully influence this world with their unique voice

This is why Christie founded Mirror, Mirror – she wholeheartedly believes that God intended each one of us to courageously look at ourselves in light of His Mirror, God’s Word, and see the truth. She knows firsthand what it is like to have insecurity swallow you whole…to carry the heavy weight of guilt and shame… to live in other people’s shadows. But not anymore – today she confidently lives in freedom so that she can bring God glory. Her ministry is an explosion of her passionate heart for her Redeemer.

AUTHOR Her desire to see her daughter grab hold of these truths at a much younger age than herself, led her to write Mirror of Truth, a bible study aimed at women 16 to 25. It is a thought-provoking study aimed at transforming women into confident and influential individuals who are free, emotionally and spiritually.

SERVANT Christie humbly counts every opportunity to speak as a huge honor to declare His truth (whether her audience is young or old, married or single.) She has considered her opportunities to serve globally as some of her life’s highlights. She had a blast co-hosting a national TV show for years and always thought she learned more than her students when she taught high school. Her greatest desire is to bring her God glory in whatever manner He deems effective.

Everyday Life for ChristieEveryday Life for Christie

I live in the Pacific Northwest and am married to Mark, my polar opposite, but hands down my very best friend in the world. (Even our kids wonder how we ever got together!) He swept me off my feet over 28 years ago and, today, I still claim him as my knight in shining armor. Together, we love to hunt, host fishing derbies, lead small groups, speak on marriage, and serve overseas.

We have been incredibly blessed with 3 grown kids – Hunter, Taylor and Colton. Being a mother has enabled me to eat every one of my profound words of wisdom, but has also caused my heart to grow three times its original size! It is, by far, the most humbling responsibility that I’ve ever been given.

And, yes, I am addicted to working out, love to read one Patterson novel after another while on vacation, believe being subtle is overrated, and still try to cross everything off my list each day! (If only I could figure out how to put less on my list?)