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Introducing Mirror of Truth

Who Do You See In The Mirror?

Do you see a young woman who is strong and confident?  Or, do you see someone who feels insecure and somehow “not enough?”
Do you see a courageous lady living each day fully and freely?  Or, do you see someone who is weighed down with emotional baggage?
Do you see a Christ-follower passionate about making a difference?  Or, do you see someone who is defined by the current culture?It is time. No more filling the voids of your soul with exhausting and empty substitutes. God wants you to look into His Mirror of Truth and…

Solidify your confidence in your Christ-given identity
Tenaciously fight for your spiritual & emotional freedom
Powerfully influence this world with your unique voice

In this six-week Bible study, specifically written for young women ages 16 to 25, you have the opportunity to be emotionally and spiritually transformed during this critical time in your life. You will get to the real issues of your heart and be mentored by His truth as you

  • Bravely confront your past & how it has impacted you
  • Examine your soul to determine your lifes core values
  • Make realistic plans to live out your God-given dreams


Each lesson encourages you to dig deep into God’s Word and take a real look at yourself by guiding you through the unique process of stopping, looking, asking, and changing. Experience for yourself the Mirror of Truth, and the truth will set you free.





What other people are saying about…

Danger – this Bible Study is not for those looking to check off a box on their spiritual “to do” list. It is for those with the hunger to go further – to look deeper – and find Jesus there waiting. Mirror of Truth” invites young women to walk with the confidence and graciousness that comes from walking with your hand in God’s. It’s practical, insightful and ready to rock your world.

Iona Snair, YFC, Associate Director of Lifeteams: School of Youth Outreach, college instructor, mentor and speaker

Mirror of Truth is a sensational goldminewhen it comes to getting Godly nuggets that will enrich your life. Young women will eat up Christies powerful and practical message. This study will end up being a classic.

Dr. Dave Currie, Ph.D., President of Doing Family Right, Executive Producer of TV show Marriage Uncensored with Dave & Christie

Christie Rayburn is passionate about helping young women view themselves through the lens of Biblical truth. Her commitment doesnt stop with explaining what the Bible says. Christie presses for application. This study promises to be a tool that leads to transformation.

Michael B. Pawelke, DMin, President of Briercrest College and Seminary

The Mirror of Truth is a unique blend of Gods Word and Christies wealth of experience, written in the exciting and dynamic tone of her exuberant spirit. Every young woman will grow from engaging in this study and learning from Christies example.

John Van Epp, Ph.D., author of How To Avoid Marrying A Jerk, founder of Love Thinks, LLC

Mirrors: they can be a curse or a blessing. Look in one with the wrong perspective and you’ll see something imperfect and lacking–you! Look in God’s mirror and you’ll gain the perfect perspective on life and yourself. You’re in a critical season of your life. This book will help you look into the right mirror so you can reflect God’s joy for you. Dive in!

Ron L. Deal, bestselling author of The Smart Stepfamily

Christie Rayburn honestly and personally tackles moving us from the lies, hurts, failures, culture and beliefs into self-esteem built on TRUTH, Gods truth. This book authentically offers hope, practical readings and questions to lead women into healing and freedom, confidently walking out into their gifting, calling and dreams. A must read. If every young woman embraced the truths laid out in this book I cant even comprehend how it could change our world. May it be so!

Myrna Rempel, School Clinical Counselor, Founding Director of Reach2ukraine, Co-Founder and Director of Advocate Christian Counseling

Young women face an uphill climb in our society. Christie Rayburns study Mirror of Truth offers young women the refreshing perspective that God has for them, as well as the security that comes from knowing His unchanging and enduring love. My own teenaged daughters will benefit greatly from this timely study!

Glenn Westburg, Next Generation Pastor, Parkview Community Church