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I have had the privilege of traveling to Washington DC and visiting many of our nation’s famous monuments. As I stood in front of countless marble remembrances and read the chiseled inscriptions, I found myself in awe. Who were these men and women who gave their lives in pursuit of freedom? Where did they find their courage? How could they sacrifice everything?

I know I will never have a statue created to remember my life’s contributions, but I will have a tombstone…and what will it say? How will I have fought my fight? Where will my courage take me?

Let’s consider 3 of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous mantras and how each could make us a bolder freedom fighter:

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Silence is merely agreement. My unique voice will be used for what I deem valuable and important because my soul shouts for what I am passionate about. I cannot remain stoic or quiet in regards to what I am consumed by.

  • What matters to you? What really matters in light of eternity?
  • Then ask those closest to you what you are most vocal about. The answers should be the same.
  • If not, what needs to change?

“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”

I am striving to live by a new rule. It goes like this — do what is right and then deal with the consequences. I no longer want to make decisions based upon what the outcome will bring…no longer based on how others might react…no longer based on the excuse that it doesn’t change anything anyway. This is especially hard in relationships, but if I am to be true to myself, then I will do what is right and affirm my core values.

  • Ask yourself some questions and don’t let yourself off the hook – find the answer for each one:
    • Why do I need to feel safe?
    • Why do I need to be popular with those important to me?
    • Why do I need to be seen as politically correct?

“I have a dream.”

You have a dream too and, like King’s, it’s been given to you by your Creator. Your dream is what makes your influence unique. You see, we all have the same purpose according to Scripture — to bring God glory. But how we go about doing that is completely individualized and original. No one else could ever live out your dream the way you can. So, no pressure, but the world literally needs you to live up to your greatness for His glory!

  • Do you know your dream?
  • Are you living it out?
  • Is it God-sized? This means that you could never accomplish it on your own.


Freedom fighters will not remain silent.

Freedom fighters do what is right.

Freedom fighters have dreams that won’t let them go.

Almighty God, I don’t type these words lightly. They are the hunger of my heart. Strengthen me to be who You called me to be. For Your glory alone, amen.

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Mom and her firstborn son at graduation

(aka The Story Behind Mirror of Truth)

From the time I began school, if I was given the chance, I wanted to get a better grade. So, it’s no surprise that this carried over into motherhood for me.

“Of course now that I’ve done this once, I can do a better job at launching my daughter than I did with my firstborn son.”

Hunter had settled into college a few states away, and after I released a deep breath, I began asking myself what had I forgotten to teach him? How could I have prepared him better to live on his own or make wise decisions? Did he clearly see my love for Jesus lived out each day? Could I possibly have prayed more or differently for him and his future?


Mom and daughter at graduation

Simultaneously, our daughter Taylor was beginning her junior year of high school and beginning to contemplate her college plans. After evaluating my job as “equipper of all and preparer for adulthood”, I realized that I could greatly improve upon this role. That, in turn, got me praying for new insights as a mom.

It was in the middle of one of those dialogues with God about what would be the most critical truths to make sure Taylor had grasped when she left home that He proposed I write the answer to that question in the form of a Bible study! Knowing I heard wrong, I changed the topic, but He kept bringing it up over and over. And I kept clarifying over and over that I was hearing Him correctly. His Spirit affirmed, “Yes.”

That began my journey of a million questions. Like all loving mothers, I wanted her to be further down the road of wisdom than I was at her age. So I asked myself…

  • Which truths would benefit Taylor the most during this season of “leaving home and getting to know herself?”
  • What Biblical foundation would set her up to make the wisest decisions at such a critical time in life?
  • What could be her biggest hurdles in life as a woman?
  • What might keep her from loving God with all her heart if she didn’t understand it?
  • What could possibly help unleash her on this world to do some incredible change for the good?


I was reminded again how healthy it is to ask ourselves questions and then take the time to answer them.

The answers turned into an outline which evolved into chapters and was completed in the Bible study, Mirror of Truth. 

No, not every mom is called to write a Bible study for their child — that goes without saying! But let me throw out a few things for all moms to consider:

~ Always keep asking yourself how you can grow as a mom

~ Network with moms who are further down the road than you are

~ Take your strategies for each child straight to your Heavenly Father for insight

~ Be obedient to the things that God calls you to and lays upon your heart so you don’t miss out on something really special

Mirror of Truth is a result of God and God alone. Every question, word, and thought written was this beautiful, mysterious weaving of His Spirit and myself. I could never have taken one step of this journey on my own. Although this road has stretched me to the point of breakage, I am closer to my God than ever. It has been a testimony to the truth that He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. (and I would add that He is everything In Between!)

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