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“God, You Want Me to What?!?”

Courage“Lord, did I hear You correctly? You want me to write a Bible study?,” asked the woman with little faith.
Can I just be honest?  It has been three years of my faith being stretched beyond where I thought it could go, a multitude of childish temper tantrums, a few all-out pity parties, some very lonely times at my desk, having my mind and heart messed with by the enemy, and an embarrassing amount of reaffirmations needed from my Lord.
But… it has also led me on one of the most raw, vulnerable (in a great way), and intimate journeys of seeking to bring glory to my God. Where God and I are with each other right now, I wouldn’t trade for anything this world has to offer.
Now, I pass the baton on to you.  I am praying that you will have the courage to be uncomfortable, to be challenged, and to be inspired by looking into His Mirror of Truth.  I am praying that every participant of this Bible study has her own unique and authentic life change… all for His Namesake!

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