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Welcome to my passion – courageously looking at ourselves in light of His truth. I believe that every woman is called to faithfulness, to live a life of significance. There is nothing more beautiful than a lady who knows her God-given purpose and courageously pursues it using her unique voice.

I believe God wants to –
• Strengthen your CONFIDENCE in your Christ-given identity
• Tenaciously fight for your spiritual and emotional FREEDOM
• Expand your POWERFUL INFLUENCE for His glory

But there exists a huge obstacle…I believe you and I live in an emotionally and spiritually immature culture wherein we fill our lives with busyness. When there is a gap or void in our lives, we fill it with more activity instead of getting to the bottom of our issues…instead of tending to our souls.

We want shortcuts and easy steps. We want instant intimacy with God and there is no such thing. But there is hope. There is power available to be made confident, free, and influential.

Ladies, I promise you…you were made for more.

Together, let’s take our hearts to His Mirror of Truth, the Word of God…you will never be the same. Are you willing to take a look?

Because you matter –


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